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theFinancials.com - VAR Program Overview theFinancials.com - VAR Program Overview

Value-added Reseller Program

Do you design or develop websites?  If so, put theFinancials.com to work for you!  Web developers and consultants can incorporate our expertise into their own offerings by participating in our Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Program.

As a member of our VAR program your business gains access to our private label solutions and may deliver them to your clients in highly customized formats. Bundle our financial tools with your products to deliver a complete solution to your clients.  Or, simply sell our content directly to your clients.

Quick, easy and profitable:

Our VAR Program enables you to provide quality financial content to your clients at a 25-50% discount.  You can pass on the savings to your client or generate recurring revenue with very little cost or hassle. VAR’s incur no out-of-pocket costs and there are no quotas or membership fees.  You don't even have to install or support the content.  theFinancials.com handles all ongoing maintenance – you manage the client relationship while we maintain all of the back-office and support requirements.  Sign up today and get a 25% discount immediately.

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