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theFinancials.com - Packaged Solutions

Quotes & Charts Content Packages

Content Packages are pre-selected groups of chart & quote Widgets and features that address a given set of requirements.  Through years of experience working with clients we have identified common sets of Widgets that are well suited for given situations.  Check our A la Carte offerings for content starting at just $30/month.

Think of pre-selected Content Packages as a shortcut to solving 90% of your content needs, with customizations (no charge) and A la Carte Solutions solving the other 10%.

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Vertical Series - Tightly focused coverage of specific market segments

Mortgage Market

Mortgage rates and fundamental indicators

Foreign Exchange Market

Coverage focusing on foreign exchange and interest rates

Commodity Market

Coverage of commodity markets and other major indicators

World Markets

Focused coverage coverage of world market indicators

Investor Relations

Add your company's and industry's quotes & charts to your website.
Resource Center Series - 4 reports presented in a compact format at affordable prices

Cross-Market Center

Features major Commodities, Currencies, Indices and Interest Rates

Global Market Center

Features major items from the North American, European, Pacific Rim & South American markets

Corporate Controller

Perfect for multinationals and other firms with global interests - 4 reports


Comprehensive coverage using 4 reports

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