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theFinancials.com LLC began operations in 1996 with a team of professionals who were focused on one thing, creating valuable reporting for the online investor of foreign currencies.  We developed intuitive charts that addressed some of the most important variables impacting investors' decisions - volatility, multiple daily spot rates and time series charting. Our charts were designed to give our customers the financial perspective they needed in a competitive and sophisticated marketplace.

Five years later our customer base has grown to include some of the world's largest commercial banks, full service brokerage firms and individual financial planners. We have come to realize that what used to be a luxury for many of our clients - consuming relevant global financial information - is rapidly becoming a necessity.

Our clients understand that a global economy requires a global understanding of how markets are performing in relation to one another. Our products are designed to support these professionals in delivering relevant global coverage to their clients. Our technology allows us to make it affordable. Our customers drive our focus. Our experience tells us that it is important - and our team ensures that customers get exactly what they need to stay competitive.


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