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theFinancials.com - Key Product Features

Key Features

You speak - we listen.  Our development staff is continually working with clients to enhance and refine our products and services.  As a result, our clients are able to deliver the quality resources their visitors demand (click for more info):

Customized Widgets
All our Widgets are customized to meet your needs.  From the list of rates/quote you choose to feature on your widget to the colors and fonts, virtually every element of our widgets can be customized to match your site perfectly.

Intra-Day Updates
You can choose the Intra-Day interval that is right for you, from 1 update per day to updates every 15 minutes.  Your choice.   Prices are based on the amount of content purchased and the frequency of updates. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Data Download
Data Downloads are available on all thumbnail and full report graphs.  Data Download allows visitors to download a 3-year daily data series for all items displayed on the current graph directly into Excel and many other popular programs (CSV format).  This option gives your visitors the ability to further analyze series, perform back testing, etc.

Expandable, presentation quality charts
We have added a valuable feature to our online charts that is specifically targeted to help the manager within a firm or the personal wealth advisor. Communicating important trends in interest rates, currencies, commodity prices and world indexes has become increasingly important for valuing a company's assets and an individual's portfolio. Our online charting links directly to attractive presentation quality charts. These charts are easy to print or import into a PowerPoint presentation. 

Multi-timeframe charts 1 week to 3 years
All charts now include coverage over three years rather than one. Timeframe Controls give viewers the ability to control which timeframe they want to view. 

Yield Curve Chart
Sign up for our T-Bill report and give your visitors access to our new Yield Curve Chart.  This new charting gives your visitors important information on incremental yield over instruments of similar maturities. Investors can judge whether they are getting sufficient "risk premium" - in other words, enough incremental yield over Treasuries - by comparing the yield of any bond with that of Treasuries of similar maturity.

We are happy to say that we have responded to a growing need from our non English-speaking clients for the same functionality available in our robust financial tools - our Chart & Quote Widgets are now available in Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.  Need another language? We may be able help. 

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