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theFinancials.com - Data Services Overview theFinancials.com - Data Services Overview

Data Services 

theFinancials.com offers a service that provides access to the very data fueling our proprietary solutions engine. Through our data services, you can easily download and integrate years of financial information for use on your website or for automated analysis and systems maintenance.

View our Symbol Catalog to see the details of our market coverage.
Receive the data you want, when, where and in the format you want it with our dynamic Data Updates.
Currency/exchange rates, interest rates, mortgage rates, commodity/futures prices, stock prices and index data is updated as often as every 15 minutes.  You can choose the number of updates that's right for you.
Access up to 50 years of financial data to support internal analysis or investment decisions with our Historical Data.

Formats and Distribution
You can use HTTP or FTP (push or pull) to retrieve data from theFinancials.com in XML,JSON or Excel/CSV formats. You can specify the precise CSV, fixed-width file layout or XML markup you need to fully automate the integration of the updates into your system. Our system can even send an email to your system each time an upload has been completed to trigger the integration process.

Historical data requests and data updates are delivered in multiple formats through multiple channels. Please review our data services guide to learn more about available file formats, delivery methods and procedures.

Broad market coverage
End-of-day data is available for currencies, interest rates, commodities, indices and other financial instruments - See market coverage to learn more.

Reliable data from reliable sources
Our currency rates are from DTN Market Access and reflect the rates on the international Interbank market , a very liquid market that is widely recognized as the de facto standard for currency rates. Commodity prices, indices and stocks are also provided by DTN Market Access.

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