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theFinancials.com - Case Studies theFinancials.com - Case Studies

Case Studies

Custom Features - Getting our customers exactly what they want continues to be our driving focus and sets us apart as a leading provider of financial content.

Recently a large investment consulting firm asked for a set of custom reports featuring US Treasuries. In addition, they wanted to know if we could incorporate the incremental yield over instruments of similar maturities in order to determine whether their clients were getting sufficient "risk premium". In other words, they needed a Yield Curve chart.

theFinancials.com developed the report and the extra features they needed in a matter of days. We knew we hit the mark when their Managing Director said: "Thanks for the quick turnaround. That is exactly what we are looking for."

Extensive Market Coverage - When Royal Bank approached theFinancials.com looking for 'some specific content that we can use on our website," we responded with an attractive private label solution that met their content requirement and increased the stickiness of their site. Listen to what they had to say: "Very impressive. This is the type of service that we have been looking for. Great coverage of world markets." Will Attwood - Webmaster, Royal Bank of Canada Global Private Banking. Toronto, Canada

Custom Content - Recently a client contacted theFinancials.com looking for a variety of market indices and commodity prices to support their metal pipe business. They where particularly interested in securing a source of Chromium and Molybdenum prices, industrial metals that are crucial to the company's manufacturing process. Utilizing its industry contacts, theFinancials.com searched for suppliers of this rare data and formed a partnership to provide the information.

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