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Plain Talk about What We Do at theFinancials.com:  We provide websites with tables of quotes, price tickers, charts and news that can be displayed by simply adding a few lines of code to a webpage at the spot where the designer wants the content to appear.  Key features: all content is built-to-order so it fits the host site precisely; content has no links taking visitors off the host site (it is sticky); no maintenance required; prices start at just $24/month.

theFinancials.com also provides custom XML and CSV data feeds to companies who need raw data for inclusion in their websites or backend systems.

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theFinancials.com was launched in February 1995 to develop websites designed for commodity and foreign currency traders. Over the years we have developed a loyal customer base of almost 300 clients, varying in size from some of the largest Fortune 500 corporations to fast-paced startups. Our customers look to us for product ingenuity and expertise in solving a variety of business needs.  theFinancials.com  has quickly become the prominent supplier of global market coverage known for its high customization, high customer service, low cost and easy installation.

The Company's mission is to provide information solutions that empower investors and companies to communicate and achieve their goals.   Our Customers include: web developers, mortgage companies and other financial service firms, financial portals, educational institutions and a wide variety of manufacturing companies dependent on industry specific indicators.

The Company develops customized, private label website content in specific market places - Foreign Currency, Interest Rates/Money Markets, Mortgage, World Indices, Commodities and Investor Relations. Its proprietary technologies enable companies to provide charts, graphs, data, expert commentary and powerful analytical tools to their clients quickly and with acute accuracy. The Company, through its strategic partnerships and proprietary technologies, provides superior global market coverage at affordable prices.

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